Saturday, November 30, 2013

This One Thing -- Morrigan and Tommi

One thing I have learned in this portion of life is that love can be terrifying. It can bind your tongue and garble the words that need spoken. Fear while in love can choke you, barely allowing breath.
One of the things that has brought us within great joy and a common goal is love. The unity of mind caused by our love has astounded me. We have been able to put aside major differences in order to incorporate this love...
This one thing has us looking at our future with some sense of cohesion. We are working together to further our unity, because we want to be worth being loved back. And we very much hope our love is mutual.
This one simple thing, love, scares us blind. We are so afraid that we will be rejected. It causes us to clam up when we are doing our best to be open. It causes us to want to hide, in hopes that a unified front will be easier for him to accept.
This one thing has caused us to lift up sacrifices willingly. Offering up bad habits, letting loose learned traits to which we have previously held tightly. 
This one thing. Love. It draws us ever closer to our God as He draws ever nearer to us. It brings us to our knees before Him as we realize how much we need Him for everything.
One constant thing in our prayers has been for this love. To find wisdom in the midst of the massive confusion whirling in our mind. To secure hope in these overly uncertain days. To find peace regardless of the answer we receive.
For this one thing terrifies and fortifies.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Misunterstood -- Ellie

(Written by Ellie. "Translated" by Tommi)

Whens Morrigan made usns a new blog, it made it sound like we was all done withs drama inside. Heehee, not so muches. Is not her fault though. Morrigan and Tommi could not hear what I heard or see what I saw. So they were taken a bit by surprise when someone new showed up. 

It's not so muchs that she is new. Alls of us could hears her. There are peoples we can hear whens we are quiet inside. We calls them the Whisper People, cuz listening to them is like listening to peoples talk in the other room buts you can not understand what theys be saying. But this one, Cecil (Sea-sull. Not Ceh-Seal), got louder ands I made her tells me her name... It was skary... Then Grace and Cecil hid what happened from alls of usns inside. That was bad of thems. We are nots supposed to be hiding stuffs like that from each other. Aaaanyway, whens I finally gots them to talk to me about what happined, I finds out that Cecil is the one who hates it when we eat. Which makes lots of sense cuz sometimes we haves to fight with ourself to swallow food ands we never knew why. We's also finds out that Cecil is a fragment, not a full person yet, which is a good thing right now... 

I needens to explain that, buts it's not why I'ms be writing today. This blog is about how we do inside effects what we do outside. Morrigan and Tommi have beens arguing a lot with Grace for the past month or more. Verry important. Morrigan and Tommi believens one thing about how love works and Grace another. Grace says she's "poly-amorous." I's don't quite gets what it means, but I do knows it makes Morrigan and Tommi upsets cuz they is "monogamous" and those two words don't works well t'gether. I gets enough to know thats what they argue about is 'portent ands they needens some answer. 

So I says, -- OH wait, I forgets a part. Theys also be arguing cuz Grace wants to goes out and party. Wells, Morrigan and Tommi is right to be some worrying cuz that is theys job. Theys fight is very hard and not good.

Okay, so I says to thems all -- even Cecil -- "I! I ams the only split froms the Original Erin!" This means I have authority wheres them others do not haves authority. "I'ms the only split. You listen to me! This is how is gonna be now. Every ones of us who is the main 5 (me, Tommi, Morrigan, Grace, and Bloomer), we each gonna have usns own day agains like it useded to be." 

And so it is this way now. I gave me Monday, Bloomer gets Tuesday, Morrigan gets Wednesday, Tommi gets Thursday (but this might change cuz hims not so happy he gets counseling day and thats be a good reason to switch days), Grace gets Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays are free days: first come, first serve. I gived Bloomer and me the first days of the week cuz lots of Morrigan and Tommi and Grace's friends don't wanna do anything those days anway. Morrigan gets Wednesday cuz she already has sword sparring with friends every Wednesday. Tommi gotted Thursday cuz it fit in nice, but I'ms gonna have to think about that gains, cuz he gets the awful day. We is always unhappy and grumpy that day cuz counseling is hard. So he might get Saturday insteads. Then Grace gets Fridays cuz she can goes out and we cans sleep in on Saturdays ifns we need to! 

I thinked it was a good plan. And yeah it's only been 5 days sinces we startns it up agains, buts I thinks its gonna be good. 

I mades Morrigan and Tommi let Grace have a night out with some friends to a bar cuz she needens it real real bad. I tolds them, use this to see if you cans trust Grace. I trustens her, you should too. So they did, and Grace was real real good. Yas, she drinked some, but no more than Morrigan said. And Grace behaved herself an did not gets herself in trouble likes Tommi ands Morrigans saids she was sure to do. So HA! I tolds you Morrigan and Tommi. Wells, they trusts her and somes of her friends to stay safe now, so Grace gets to go out more often. Thats gonna solve lots of arguing and it lets Grace have fun insteads of alway be telled no alls the time. 

Thisns just a small step, but it so big too! We is learning to trust each other with living outside stead of just Morrigan and Tommi doing it all. 

OH! Heehee! Guessns how I decide to spends my Monday? Hahaha I gotted to watch My Little Pony!! I lovens My Little Pony. I'ms been watchin the number 3 season. Is so good. OH! And my mommy picked out My Little Pony shoe laces for me. We wears them ons usns grey Chucks. I loves my shoe laces. 

Tommi gots usns hair cutted. Is so short! We wear it like a fohawk alls the time. 

At some point, Tommi or Morrigan is gonna write bout what work is like. I'ms not though cuz even though I do go to work withs them, I do not show myself there. Its not really safe for me cuz theys co workers talks bout things that are not good for little girls. Buts I do keeps Morrigan and Tommi entertained whens they get bored. They do a lot of standing and watching now, so they gets bored lots. 

Tomorrow is Bloomer's day. He says he don't know what he wants to do withs it yet. I tolds him he can do anything he wants to! It's his day he gettens all to himself. But sometimes I thinks that he forgets what he likes to do cuz he don't come out too oftens. Thats why I maked sure he gotted his own day. See, whens I'm not out verry often, I forgets how to be a little girl. I forgets how to color and to laugh. So usns all have to make sure that Bloomer comes out enough so he don't forget how to be him. He comes out at work though cuz we do lots of math there. He was usin Algebra todays at work. He was giggling cuz Yomi used to ask how come she hads to learn this an how shes never gonna ever use thisn stuff ever agains. But there Bloomer goes, usin Algebra to understand something about work. Heehee. He's so smart!

Buts I wanna watch some more My Little Pony befores I hav to go to bed, so Night Night every body!

-- Ellie

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Old habits are like rabbits... -- Morrigan

No, they don't populate everywhere. Goodness, where was your mind going! Anyway, old habits sometimes pop up out of no where when you least expect them. For me, it's writing on our blog. We put it aside for a while as our external life started picking up speed. We got a good factory job, made a lot of new friends, and, very recently, we even landed a promotion! Now instead of working on the line making parts, we are responsible for the line. 

Now I'm finding with our stress levels going up, I'm falling back on old (and healthy!) coping skills, such as writing. Honestly, I've missed it more than I thought I had. But when I went to write on our blog, A World of Alters, I felt as though we had out grown it. As though it wasn't "home" any more. Then I read the purpose statement of the blog and realized that we have indeed grown out of it! That blog was for understanding our inside world, not the outside. Our struggles were reactions to internal stress and events, not external. The reason I wanted to write did not fit that purpose statement at all. So I created this blog. 

The purpose of We Chose Harmony is to work out our struggles as we work towards our goal, which is all of us working together to live a healthy and awesome life. Or, Harmony, for short. 

I actually wanted to start writing about what is currently going on, but, as it is 3am, I am going to have to wait. As a preview (and as a reminder to myself), what is currently going on: learning to be in a management role, understanding that harmony has to begin now, and why is something feeling not quite right?