Saturday, November 30, 2013

This One Thing -- Morrigan and Tommi

One thing I have learned in this portion of life is that love can be terrifying. It can bind your tongue and garble the words that need spoken. Fear while in love can choke you, barely allowing breath.
One of the things that has brought us within great joy and a common goal is love. The unity of mind caused by our love has astounded me. We have been able to put aside major differences in order to incorporate this love...
This one thing has us looking at our future with some sense of cohesion. We are working together to further our unity, because we want to be worth being loved back. And we very much hope our love is mutual.
This one simple thing, love, scares us blind. We are so afraid that we will be rejected. It causes us to clam up when we are doing our best to be open. It causes us to want to hide, in hopes that a unified front will be easier for him to accept.
This one thing has caused us to lift up sacrifices willingly. Offering up bad habits, letting loose learned traits to which we have previously held tightly. 
This one thing. Love. It draws us ever closer to our God as He draws ever nearer to us. It brings us to our knees before Him as we realize how much we need Him for everything.
One constant thing in our prayers has been for this love. To find wisdom in the midst of the massive confusion whirling in our mind. To secure hope in these overly uncertain days. To find peace regardless of the answer we receive.
For this one thing terrifies and fortifies.